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Yvain is a protagonist in Stardust. Yvaine was an evening star, who loved to observe the actions of humans down below. She lived in the sky along with her mother and extended family. She thought love was unconditional. She said that the only thing that made watching Earthlings bearable was that hope and love was always around.

One night in Yvaine's 30 millionth year, she was knocked from the heavens by a necklace that had been thrown by the dying King of Stormhold to determine his successor. She crashed into a forest, receiving the necklace and a broken leg. Shortly afterwards she encountered a clumsy young man from Wall named Tristan Thorne who claimed that Yvaine was to be a gift for his beloved, Victoria. He promised to return Yvaine to the heavens with a Babylon Candle if she helped him. However, Yvaine managed to escape with the help of a unicorn, and fled into the night.