False Z Enc

False Zelda is one of the bosses you encounter in The Subspace Emissary in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. She looks like Princess Zelda, only covered in some black-purple mist. Unlike Zelda, she uses the Dark Cannon.


After Kirby left Zelda for a few seconds, Bowser turned her into a trophy and had Shadowbugs cover the

False Cannon

trophy. Shortly after, Subspace Zelda prepares to turn Link and Yoshi into trophies, but is stopped by Mario and Pit.

(NOTE: This only occurs if you save Zelda at the Midair Stadium. If you save Peach, Subspace Zelda will be replaced by Subspace Peach)

Later, Subspace Zelda and Subspace Peach appear to stop Meta Knight, Lucario, and Solid Snake from freeing the
False Z Mal

False Zelda and the destroyed Dark Cannon.


Pysical ApperanceEdit

Much like Zelda (only with glowing eyes & all purple).